ABIC/USDF Region 3 Championships

Gigi Nutter Captures Fahrenheit, Then Grand Prix At ABIC/USDF Region 3 Championships

By Sue Smithson

Reprinted by permission of the Chronicle of the Horse. For subscription information call 1-800-877-5467. Originally appeared in the November 29, 2002 issue.

gg&wendext trot.jpgGigi Nutter's 12-year old, Hanoverian gelding Fahrenheit slipped out of his stall and terrorized the show grounds just before his ABIC/USDF Region 3 Grand Prix championship class, Nov. 8-10, in Camden S.C.

"He was running all around, acting like a stallion. He finally ended up in somebody's tack stall," Nutter said. After that exciting warm-up, Nutter produced an energetic test to capture their fifth ABIC/USDF title on her partner of nine years, adding Grand Prix (61.40%) to previous fourth level, Prix St. Georges, Inter-mediare 1, and Intermediaire II championships.

"He's still a work in progress," Nutter said. "He's always playing games and not that reliable. He was a bit squirrelly on my leg in the test."

Nutter, a professional trainer from Whitesburg, Ga., bought Fahrenheit (Wendland x Lenare) as a jumper prospect, but she lost interest in jumping after giving birth to her first child at age 41.

Nutter also claimed the reserve championship in the open Prix St. Georges with Peggy Carspecken's Chronos mare Lestera (67.70%) and coached Adrienne Rogers, 17, of Newnan, Ga., to the Junior/Young Rider Third level Championship (70.00%) on her Dutch gelding Milky Way (Columbus x Iris).