Wells Fargo
a.k.a. Collector’s Item "Beauty is only skin deep but clumsy goes clear to the bone."

The old adage cautioning that “beauty is only skin deep” is equally applicable to horses and people. After my trade with Carl Bessette I thought I had landed my dream jumper. “Wells” was a gorgeous blood bay with three beautiful gaits. From all outward appearances he had to be a Champion some day. I decided to show him under the name Collectors Item since I knew he would be valuable one day.

It only took one ride to get beyond the “beauty.” There was absolutely no natural jumping talent. He hung a leg at every opportunity. I had received some formal jumping training at this point and proceeded to do gymnastic exercise after exercise. Nothing helped. Our pattern became rather predictable. He and I would clean up in the hack class only to be creamed in the jumper ring. Towards the end I recall that 26 faults was the best round we ever had. There is no question that he was not cut out for jumping but as Rod Stewart sang ..

“I wish that I knew what I know now…..when I was younger.”

He certainly would have made a wonderful dressage horse.