January 10, 2010

It has been a very cold week here in Georgia.  Frozen buckets, frozen ring, frozen tirds everything frozen including Cassidy and myself.   It is time like this that gets you thinking if you really want to be in the horse business.  Then I think back of when I lived in Pa. for 40 years.  What we are going through this week was the normal winter in Pa.  I try to comfort myself as well as Cassidy but we are in Georgia for heavens sake.  I keep thinking how our training has been put on hold.  I must remind myself that when the weather gets better, I cannot make 3 weeks up of work in 3 days.  I think people tend to do that.  We need to think about our horses and realize that they need the time to get back into a good working condition.  We as riders need to do the same.  When I was younger and I missed a few days, a week or even 2 weeks, I just jumped on as if I hadn't missed a day.  Now, at age 55, it does not happen like that.  My old body needs time to get back in the saddle.  Unfortunately, this comes with age. J  I have really been "down" about our training but I have to remember there are worse things in life that could happen.  So, if you are at that place where I am, think of things that could be worse.  That always makes you feel better.  I am going to try to keep this journal going.  I need Scott to show me how.  For now, I hope all of you are staying warm and good riding to you.