farm_1.jpgFounded in 1991, Touch ‘n Go Farm was originally located in Bangor, Pennsylvania. With thirty-five stalls and two arenas, Touch ‘n Go became a thriving Hunter, Jumper and Dressage training facility. Gigi Nutter (Hood) directed a dynamic riding program with a reputation for elegant riders and correct horses.

In 1994 Touch ‘n Go Farm relocated to Whitesburg, Georgia following Gigi’s marriage to Scott Nutter. After starting a family, Gigi decided to operate a private facility catering to a clientele of dedicated riders with a desire to learn.

Today, riders travel from far and wide to develop their skills at Touch 'n Go Farm.

The mission of Touch ‘n Go Farm is the preservation of traditional horsemanship. Regardless of discipline, riders are encouraged to study all aspects of riding, training, equipment and horse care. In other words, the goal is to develop riders into true horseman.

Training methods are based on the time-tested, classical principles practiced in Europe. Horses are brought along with patience, consideration and respect. Riders are enthusiastically instructed until they understand “why” correct training methods are used, not just “how” to ride a movement.

Gigi Nutter, a life-long horseman, provides guidance towards these goals. She has shown that success is attainable by anyone who shares her dedication and commitment to the equestrian arts.