Starting 2009 at Sucandi

horseshoestatue_small.jpgGigi received an e-mail from Roberta Pass in early 2008 after launching our new web site. Several e-emails later she had an invitation to visit Brazil to see Brazilian Lusitanos.  

Scott, Gigi and Cassidy travelled to Sao Paulo on January 8th. Roberta's husband Florian served as chauffer, historian and business manager. The Pass' farm is named "Sucandi" which is a play on the word "sugar" in Portuguese. They specialize in breeding, and selling "sporthorse" Lusitanos. Cassidy and Gigi rode several horses over fours days as well as looking at dozens of youngsters at liberty. cassidyaspen_small.jpg

The Pass' bed and breakfast is located on the farm nestled in the hills next to the Brazilian rainforest. The accommodations were comfy and the hospitality was five-star. Cassidy hit it off with the Pass's daughter Giovana and other children staying at the farm. After visiting two other Lusitano breeders in the Sao Paulo area, the two families enjoyed a spectacular meal at the Pass' favorite "churrascaria" or Brazilian steakhouse before returning home. The beautiful farm, wonderful horses, warm hospitality and tropical setting made for an exciting start to the new year.