My Resume


A love for riding began before I could walk as I rode with my parents in the family business. This led to competitions beginning at age 8 and progressed to winning events at the Grand Prix. I have enjoyed a career in the horse business that began as manager/ instructor at a facility in Easton, PA when I was 19. Eventually I built my own equestrian center in 1983 specializing in Hunters, Jumpers and Dressage with 66 stalls and 150 lessons weekly. Presently, my husband and I own a private farm in Whitesburg, Georgia where I continue to teach and train.


Just as sound fundamentals are essential to good riding, so is a program of continuing education. As a perpetual student of the sport, I have been fortunate enough to train with some of the finest instructors in the US and Europe. Listed below are several examples and their discipline:


  • George Morris
  • Jack LeGoff
  • Frank Chapot
  • Michael Matz
  • Bernie Traurig
  • Carl Bessette


  • Karl Mikolka
  • Irma Hotz
  • Jessica Ransehousen
  • Walter Zettl
  • Rudolf Zeilinger
  • Robert Dover
  • Gunnar Ostergaard
  • Dr. Edgar Hotz
  • Michael Klimke


Other clinicians I have worked with include: Georg Heyser, Bruce Davidson, Harry Boldt, Michael Poulin, Johann Hinneman, Gerhard Politz, Janie Savoie, Sally Swift, Dr. Max Gahwyler, Col. A.R.Kitts, Bela Buttykay, Liselotte Fore, Felicitas Von Neuman-Cosell, Ann Gribbons, Charles De Kunffy, Hans-Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen and George Williams. I draw upon this diverse background of techniques, styles and concepts while working with each rider and horse. I have always felt an obligation to my students to pass along the knowledge gained from this experience and training.



One personal measure of success comes from my student’s results at all levels of competition. I have coached intercollegiate national winners and 4-H state champions. Several students have qualified for the Medal/Maclay finals and my jumper and equitation students always perform well at rated shows. With a strong emphasis on sound basics, I have trained novice riders with green horses to the FEI levels. Numerous students have won their USDF Bronze and Silver medals, won USDF/USCTA Regional Championships and competed at the NAYRC. Long time students have become successful trainers, stable owners, judges and instructors.


My competitive success began 35 years ago while showing the northeast Jumper Circuit as a junior. In 1976 I began studying dressage and advanced to FEI competitive events in ‘86. Along with my horse Monarch, I received my USDF Gold Medal in 1988. That same year, at invitation, I rode Grand Prix at the International Judges Forum in Leesburg, VA and was long-listed for the USET. Over the years, career highlights have included Horse of the Year awards, USDF Regional Championships, High Point Score awards, and Champion or Reserve at all FEI levels. I campaigned KWPN mare Lestera in 2006 as my tenth FEI horse and the fifth trained through Grand Prix. Vincere is my current mount and the last horse I intended to train thorugh the levels.


The satisfaction I experience while training a horse through the levels is difficult to put into words. Whether green or advanced, I always focus on solid basics and correctness. This concept has worked well with horses just under saddle through Grand Prix. I seek to let each horse perform to the best of their ability regardless of breeding or confirmation. As a result, I have frequently been asked to participate in seminars, national and international judges’ forums, symposiums and instructor’s clinics as a demonstration rider. In 2004 I was named recognized as a “Certified Student” of SRS Oberbereiter, Karl Mikolka. My horses and students are prominently featured in Walter Zettl’s video instruction series A Matter of Trust.


I believe that my experience as a rider, trainer, instructor, competitor and owner offers me the ability to view each student from a well-rounded equestrian perspective. I intend to continue passing along the knowledge I have acquired to motivated, enthusiastic riders who share my love of the horse. While I enjoy teaching at all levels, I will continue to place special emphasis on beginners and intermediates where the foundation of a true horseman is built. Over 36 years of riding has shown me that there is no one, perfect training program. Each rider and mount is a unique team and my lessons are tailored to meet their individual needs.