peggymiles_luc_0507_300w.jpgI had always heard great things about Gigi, but had never had a chance to work with her.  There aren't many trainers around that are as well respected as Gigi.  The main goal I had with Gigi was to learn to ride correctly, not just do tricks.  I had seen some of the riders Gigi had worked with they were beautiful AND effective riders. 

I can't say enough about how much I have learned from Gigi.  One of the biggest things she has helped me with beyond the basics, is to ride on my own and not be dependant on my trainer to tell me what to do all the time.  Gigi is so knowledgeable and insightful to what the horse and the riders are experiencing and how to do the correct thing at the correct time.  She wants to help you be your own rider.  She has taught me to be a true rider, not just a passenger.  She has been so helpful and sensitive to Lucky's issues and helped us tremendously. 

I wish I had come to ride with Gigi years ago when I first learned about her.  Gigi is a treasure and a rare trainer, coach and friend.  Lucky and I thank you and love you so much.  Also, her daughter, Cassidy, is following in her mother's footsteps. She is going to be a top notch trainer herself...We love you Cassidy!

Peggy Miles - GA

USDF Bronze Medallist and Regional Dressage Championship competitor. 





facevalue_2x2_120dpi.jpgSeveral things about Gigi Nutter immediately come to mind. She is an inspiration for all who ride with her, teaching her students fairly, expertly, and honestly in dedicated service. She is a truly gifted equestrienne, one who sets a clear example for her students in her own riding and training. She has an extraordinary gift as well, to motivate her students to do their very best time and time again. I am honored to be considered to be a student of hers and expect to continue to grow as a rider under her exceptional instruction.

Rebecca Cleveland - AL

USDF Bronze & Silver Medallist. USDF Regional Champion. "L" Program Graduate. 





susanwain_3x2_120dpi.jpgWhat an honor to get to write a note about Gigi. She is a fabulous teacher and incredible motivator! She is always full of enthusiasm and knows when a rider and horse need pushing and when to back off. The exercises that she teaches with are always helpful and she explains all of it very well. I love that she has jumping in her background because she can combine the dressage world and the event world – which is great for us eventers!!!I also greatly admire her love for her family and God! Gigi is a gift to me!

Susan Wainwright - AL

Professional Trainer






 Gigi Nutter's teaching transforms her students into thinking riders, able to ride and school their own horses effectively-even when the unexpected occurs (as it always does with horses!).  One aspect of Gigi's teaching method that sets her apart from the rest is that she rides every step with the rider, commenting on what one is doing correctly, giving corrections, explaining what the correction accomplishes; and she sees everything!  She has patiently brought me and my young horse along so that we share that special relationship of confidence and trust that is the basis for both enjoyment and success in riding.  Gigi Nutter is a true teacher in that she genuinely wants to share with her students her knowledge, experience and passion in riding for the good of the horse.

Debra McComb - GA

Regional Dressage Championship competitor






susannelauda_trot_3x2_120dpi.jpgGigi is a very talented instructor, because she can teach how to feel the horse. That makes riding so much more enjoyable. I feel very lucky to be able to train with her, and having a lovely horse with good work ethics, although he was certainly not borne as a dressage horse. Our success shows that with the help of an excellent instructor like Gigi and the willingness to work hard, even a backyard horse can transform into a beautiful sight in the dressage arena. Thank you, Gigi and CF Beau Navar (and Susan, our tireless show companion).

Susanne Lauda - GA





dressage2.jpgI have ridden with Gigi since I was 6 years old. I've gone from learning to how to post, to learning how to jump, to learning how to ride a half pass, all under her guidance. However, I think the most important thing she taught me was true, honest horsemanship. She gives every horse a chance to be the best it can be, regardless of breed, conformation or attitude. Respect and appreciation for the horses are lessons instilled in everyone who rides with Gigi...she won't have it any other way! Gigi's passion for classical horsemanship as well as her dedication to teaching horses and their riders is an inspiration to all who come to know her.

Nicole Zaccheo - NJ

USDF Bronze and Silver Medallist. NAYRC competitor. Veterinarian.






In the early part of 2006 I made a very difficult and important decision, to change trainers, and contact Gigi Nutter. I was stuck in my training with my horse Illusion and not getting a lot of help. My horse and I were having issues that I didn’t think I could correct on my own.

leanneroberts_illusion_220w.jpgI will never forget my first conversation with Gigi. I was nervous calling a trainer of her caliber. I explained my situation with her, and what I was looking for. At that time I really felt I needed someone else to be riding my horse other than myself. I had done just about all the training on him up to this point, with guidance from my then trainer, and hadn’t been able to make the kind of progress I thought Illusion and I should be making. Gigi told me that evening that she would not ride and train my horse for me, that she would teach me how to train my horse. I was skeptical of the idea but because of my desire to really learn how to ride dressage, I was willing to give it a shot. At this point I didn’t have anything to loose.

Shortly after my first lesson with Gigi, Illusion got hurt. Therefore my training with Gigi really did not begin until December 2006. Illusion had been out of training and on stall rest for 4 months. We had been competing at First Level before his injury and I really wanted to show Second Level during the 2007 Competition Year. I figured out very quickly there is a huge difference between First and Second Level. Because I live almost 4 ½ hours away from Gigi, I’m sure there were times when maybe she questioned my passion and dedication. I hope I have put those questions to rest and have made her proud.

Gigi is demanding yet patient, she doesn’t hesitate to let you know when you’re not doing something correctly, but then is overly encouraging when you are doing it correctly. I always ask Gigi if Illusion and I are better. I never want her to think I’m not at home doing “my homework” as she says. I’ll never forget after a lesson I asked like I always do, “Are we better?” She told me, “You are better, meaning improved, but not good, I’ll tell you when you’re good.” It’s one of the reasons I will ride with Gigi as long as she will allow me too. She is honest, and doesn’t sugar coat anything. You always know exactly where you stand with her.

Because of Gigi’s personal confidence in my own ability, not only was I able to move up to Second Level, Illusion and I won our first Arabian Sport Horse National Championship in Second Level AAOTR, as well as 6 National Top 10’s, and earned the USDF All Breed Award: ranked first in First Level ATR and ranked second in Second Level ATR. Because of our first conversation when she told me she would teach me how to train my horse, what Illusion and I have accomplished in less than a year training with Mrs. Gigi Nutter, means more to me than anything else I ever done in my entire life. With Gigi in my corner how can I go wrong?

Leanne Roberts - GA

USDF Bronze Medallist




lcantrell_nori_3x2_120dpi.jpgGigi has the not –so-enviable job of converting a cowgirl into a dressage rider (yes, I started my first pony at 12 and relished pole bending, barrel racing, ANY racing!). Later I found out you could race over jumps and of course this was REALLY appealing so I switched to eventing. Naturally, I only did dressage to get it out of the way so the fun part could start. After having 3 kids I decided my love for speed and being airborne on a 1000 lb hose wasn't the best choice for a mom so I took up a friends' challenge that I couldn't train a horse to the Grand Prix level of dressage. I found a nice little redheaded yearling filly in Louisiana and started her myself when she was old enough. After I got through the initial training I realized I really didn't even know how to teach a horse to go "on the bit". I asked around and 3 people I respected from 3 different states recommended Gigi. Nori was 3 1/2 at the time I found Gigi and so our dressage lessons began. Nori bucked through pretty much my entire first lesson and I worried that Gigi would decide we were suited for more western pursuits involving broncos. Gigi must've seen something in us though because she took us on. One thing that will always stand out in my mind was that Gigi asked about my goals for Nori before I started our first lesson. I told her I wanted to train her to Grand Prix myself (I had NO IDEA what that really was, just knew I wanted to do one's and passage!). After our lesson I asked Gigi what she thought about the possibility of us achieving this goal and she said, "well... the horse has the talent...and you have the heart...so yes, it is possible." It's been 4 1/2 years (and one more kid) since then and I have to admit it has been harder than I ever dreamed. On the flip side, it has also been way more fun than I thought possible. I did not know that the wonderful connection you feel with your horse would be so addictive!

I have found Gigi to be an amazingly gifted teacher for whom I am very grateful. She is very tough but fair on both the horse and rider. She never uses gimmicks but stays true to the classical method. I am constantly amazed that she can see from the ground what I am feeling in the saddle. She has not been on my horse ONCE and we have been very competitive in the show ring, even finishing 3rd at 1st level at the finals last year. Nori and I were in solidly in the 60's at 2nd level and we are now aiming to compete 3rd level in the spring. Gigi had to teach us the changes from the ground with neither the horse nor I having ever done them (on purpose at least!). She probably lost some hair over those. Gigi has even convinced me that a double bridle is something I need to learn how to use. (The thought of 4 reins is not appealing, especially since I don't think I'm that great with two). Grand Prix is still our goal and with God's grace and Gigi's excellent teaching, I think the redhead and I just might get there!

Lisa Cantrell - GA

USDF Bronze Medallist and Regional Championship competitor 





I saw a little article on Gigi a couple of years ago and just reading it made me say, “I have to ride with this woman”. It was her passion about the horses that drew me in. So I took the idea to my business partner and, amazingly, she had the same experience when she read about Gigi. Believing a little in fate, we scheduled a clinic and it was a great hit! Gigi has been back to our barn several times now and every lesson has been great fun. She helped me approach one of my mare’s in a different way that enabled me to get the scores we needed to complete her Elite Hanovarian mare status. Gigi’s technique is so full of kindness and listening to the horses; it can really change attitudes. All of my horses love her. I had someone video me in a lesson with another trainer and in a lesson with Gigi. There was no comparison. I ride a fairly hot gelding that is extremely talented but has a lot of baggage. His expression, both in gaits and on his face, when riding with Gigi was of complete relaxation. Last time she was up here, that horse heard her voice down in the arena and I swear he perked up and couldn’t wait to get to his lesson. She just makes the work so much fun!

Holly Jedlicka - OH

Trainer - PBJ Dressage, Columbus, OH




susanhill_2x1_120dpi.jpgI first read about Gigi five years ago while I was researching to find a stallion to breed my TB mare to. I came across Glitter Please on the internet and was totally "wowed" by both of them. Since "Legs" had passed away I settled on breeding to a son of his. I wished for and got a palomino baby that Spring.

A few months later I got a call that Gigi was being brought to town for a clinic. I jumped at the opportunity to meet and ride with her. What an eye opener! I had never seen a clinician show so much enthusiasm for each and every horse presented to her. What a true horse lover! Her enthusiasm extended to the riders and making certain they understood exactly what she was trying to teach regardless of their level. It became clear that if you loved your horse and were willing to try she was going to help. When a student has a break- through she's as excited as the rider. She is with you every step of the lesson. A true teacher. I've since seen many clinics and it's always the same. She is sympathetic and encouraging to everyone.

Gigi is helping me with that palomino baby that is now four yrs. old and I feel she is guiding us on a correct and wonderful path. I feel so lucky to have made a connection with her. She is a gem.

Susan Hill - TN





diane.jpgWhen Gigi started working with Hannah and me in 1997, I was a Vintage age but green dressage rider on a seven year-old mare who had never been shown. By the fall of 2000, with weekly lessons with Gigi, Hannah and I qualified for the ABIC/USDF Regional Championships at Prix St. Georges.

Gigi was able to give me the tools to ride my own horse. She has an extraordinary gift for teaching and puts so much of her energy into it that the rider and horse are energized for the task at hand. I feel that I was extremely lucky that Gigi came to this area. She helped me realize my fondest dreams!

Diane Thomas - GA

USDF Bronze & Silver Medallist. Owner of Merichase Farm 





image006.jpgI began taking lessons from Gigi in 1996. Prior to that Mozart and I were showing at Second level with discouraging results. Everyone from family to friends was concerned for my safety due to Moe's unpredictable flare-ups. One of my personal goals was to receive enough points for a (USDF) bronze medal. Gigi's advice was to leave Moe with her for two weeks to see if he was trainable and his behavior problems resolvable. Gigi's assessment was that between us we could work through the problems, but it would require a lot of hard work and dedication. Through time and perseverance, we worked through the problems. Gigi's skill, encouragement and support lead the path for me to ride with knowledgeable confidence and to strive for excellence. As a result, Moe and I competed successfully in Second, Third and Fourth levels. The desire for a Bronze medal became reality and we even have points towards our Silver medal. Moe is now enjoying retirement and my new horse Jimmie and I are in the process of getting to know each other. With Gigi, my education in dressage continues.

Coleen Pridemore - GA

USDF Bronze and Silver Medallist.





adrienneabic.jpg2003 will be my FIFTH competition year with Gigi. You just keeplearning from her. Gigi took me from being a kid on a fat pony to a Silver Medalist by age fifteen. How can you thank someone for that? Most importantly she taught me to be a strong, thinking rider, not just a successful competitor. Understanding riding concepts, the welfare of the horse, and discipline are all a part of "Gigi - cizing." Now I am honored to see these lessons work with the other horses I ride. It just keeps getting BETTER with Gigi. Thanks and love to you!

Adrienne Rogers - GA

USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medallist. NAYRC competitor. Professional Trainer.





The attached photos were taken at the horse park last weekend during the goodhorseman show.  The ride was Hooter at 4th level test 2.  One of the photos shows one of his scores...read it carefully and pat yourself on the back.  Thanks for making this possible!!tharvey_flyingchange_3x1_120dpi.jpg   

Tom Harvey - GA

Professional Trainer






While reading an article written by Gigi for Dressage Today, I felt that she was a person that could relate to a particularly challenging horse that I own. Independently, my dear friend Holly had the same reaction to the article. When we compared notes and realized that we had the same pull towards Gigi, I wrestled up my courage to write her and see if she would be willing to come to Ohio and put on a clinic. My initial fear of contacting someone of Gigi’s accomplishments was immediately put to rest by her and Horse-husband Scott. Several clinics and a couple of years later, Gigi has created a great learning relationship with many riders in my area.

Gigi has taught me many valuable exercises and has helped to improve my timing and feel. Always honest and with no hidden agendas, Gigi quickly became someone that I can trust to give me the advice that I need. There is rarely a time that I am in the saddle that I don’t hear Gigi telling me to “go forward” or to “give”. Learning from Gigi is a real treat!

Glenda Childress - OH

Owner PBJ Dressage. Hosting clinics with Gigi since 2006 





Shelby.jpgRiding with Gigi has been the best thing to ever happen in my riding. When I first came to Gigi, I was just getting by with my dressage. Now she has taught me to ride my horse correctly, my scores have improved tremendously. Though Gigi has taught me a lot, the thing she has instilled in the most is patience. Last but not least, I just want to say thank you for always making time for Justice and I, even when we can't stay on schedule because of illness or injury. we don't know what we would do without you.

Shelby Stevulak - GA





 Ricki B.jpg


Because of you my mare is learning flying changes, half passes, half steps and the beginnings of canter pirouettes. Because of you I can feel what I ride.

Ricki Brozman - NM

USDF Bronze & Silver Medallist. "L" Program graduate.







For one year I had the opportunity to be a working student for Gigi Nutter. Through her patience and dedication we brought my sixteen-year-old broodmare from First level to Third level and I earned my Bronze Rider Medal. Gigi's training methods follow the classical principles yet offer a variety of approaches for each individual.

Saskia Wurche - GA

USDF Bronze Medallist




 Peggy C.jpg


Gigi says that learning how to ride correctly is a long road (rode) but if you enjoy the sights along the (way) ride you are doing well and that is all part of it. For me, at my age, it is a hard ride and I am loving every moment.

Peggy Carspecken - GA





Gigi encourages and guides me to achieve a relationship with Ami and, under her instructions, we are developing a partnership through firmness, praise and communication. Riding under Gigi's guidance is one of the most rewarding things I do for myself!

Gail Quattlebaum - GA






 Kathy Carlson.jpg

Gigi: Tough but tender. A disciplinarian. Generous with encouragement. Cheers your accomplishments. A loyal friend; my friend. I miss you.

Kathy Carlson - PA

Longtime student and sporthorse breeder





Hello Gigi,
    I have wanted to write this letter for awhile but every time I typed it, it just sounded corny to me! I check your website often to see how you are & it seems you are well. I just thought, I would let you know that through your toughest time at Bit by Bit Farm, you did alot of good for me. It doesn't seem that long ago I was cleaning stalls & helping you with all the babies. I thought you should know, that was a great time in my life! As you may remember, my mother was a bit unstable & your farm & work kept me focused to became the person I am today. You were a great influence in discipline which I was not getting anywhere else! My mother passed away last year & I miss her alot. I have two children & two horses in Vermont. I was riding with Madeline Austin for the last couple of years but with my children, I have no time. My horse Buffy that I bought from you a long time ago is know gone but she was a great friend for a long time. Madeline gave me an old tb gelding that does some higher dressage & maybe I'll send you a video of us this summer, to critique! My gelding is 23 & I am not sure how sound he will be but I am excited to  ride more know that my children are getting older. My other horse was my moms, of course a quarter horse. She had great hopes for him but know he is my daughters! Anyway, I thought you should know that spending a few summers in the camper at Bit By Bit kept me out of trouble and I thank you for that. I also thank you & my mom for my love of horses which has given me alot! I hope you are well.

Amy Little or you would know me as Hackbarth! - PA 





Lynn_Roscioli.jpgWere do I begin?? I basically began my equestrian journey with Gigi. I can say without reservation that Gigi was the single most positive influence in my life. I know that sounds like a strong statement, but horses are part of me, and so is Gigi, since she taught me all I know and everyday that I ride I hear her lessons and I ride them over and over. Since she moved south, I don't have the opportunity to ride with Gigi, once or twice a week like I did for over 10 years. Gigi took me and my wild, ragged thoroughbred under her wing and made us a team. I basically had no idea what I was doing, and my horse knew only one thing, that was to run like the wind. Gigi spent countless hours teaching me how to overcome fear with determination, and after that, we started to learn to ride. After many hours in the saddle, (and I am not an easy person to teach), I trained my horse the basics, which Gigi stressed more than any instructor I have met. From there, Gigi had the rare ability to motivate me to ride beyond my limits and she did this with all of her students. We all worked extremely hard in our lessons, always ending our workout feeling like we were on top of the world, because with Gigi's help, we could ride better than we all thought possible.

I rode that wild thoroughbred through to Prix St. Georges and did respectably well in the show ring. I am currently a USDF "L" Graduate, a USDF Bronze Medalist and a riding instructor myself. I can only hope to inspire my students, as Gigi inspired me, and to this day she still does. When you ride with Gigi, you leave with a strong feeling of accomplishment and the knowledge to take home and work like heck to improve yourself and your horse. I was truly fortunate to wander into Gigi's farm that day, many years ago. I can't say enough good about Gigi, she is a true horsewoman, and a good friend.

Lynn Roscioli - PA

USDF Bronze Medallist. "L" Program Graduate.





tishfairfax.jpgJust back from hunting in Alabama. I hunted Fairfax and she was great. I usually do not like to hunt her because she can be opinionated and there are others that I would rather hunt so she only goes out when I really need her or there is no one else. She was perfect today, gave her all at every jump and the run, which was long. We were a team for the first time ever. Why? Dressage. We are both better for it. So before the hot shower and cold beer, I want to say a very big Thank You for all you have done for this old fox hunter. You made today possible, safer and I am grateful. Very sincerely and appreciative, Tish



Tish Ray - GA

Owner of Lochland Farms



kathyaxel.jpgI came to Gigi with a poor seat, terrible balance, a lack of knowledge, and we were barely at training level. In a year of mainly once a week lessons, we are now showing at 2nd level and schooling 3rd and 4th level movements with a noticeably improved seat, much better balance, and some great knowledge was gained in the process. I feel proud and capable of performing clean, accurate tests despite the lack of "wow" or presence my wonderful 15'3 hand Thoroughbred possess. Once in a while, those clean tests come ahead of even those impeccably bred horses with floating gaits and we feel an even greater sense of accomplishment! But this is not what Gigi will teach you. She has taught me to revel in the sense of my own accomplishments and not to have winning as the ultimate goal. I still become dejected when we don't perform well but it is now when we don't perform up to our ability, not if we don't place well in the class. This is a lesson to take on to life. Do the best with what you have and take it to the highest level you desire... enjoy your accomplishments and remember how far you have come.

Kathy Beall - GA

USDF Bronze & Silver Medallist. USDF Regional Champion.





Gigi is one of the most accurate and talented riders I have seen in the world of dressage. I am thankful that she has the patience to continue working with me and my eccentric but very talented mares. MY goal in life is to breed some good tempermented horses, with the movement and talent to go to the Olympics in the sport they are suited. I hope to accomplish this by breeding sport mares to Olympic accomplished stallions. Thank You Gigi.



Julie Ballard-Haralson, M.D. - GA

 USDF Bronze & Silver Medallist. Owner of Katinka and Jezebel. Breeder of Vincere




Cammy Kelly 2.jpgGigi has taught me more valuable lessons as a student than any teacher (in any field) I have ever worked with. Her teaching stretches far beyond just riding, it is based on the most important values in life; trust, responsibility, discipline, dedication, and most importantly love. Gigi focuses on the big picture; harmony between horse and rider. She trains riders to be true horseman/women through love and understanding not force. Gigi's knowledge has helped me and continues to help me expand my equestrian education. She has truly made a significant difference in my life as a rider and in the way I interact with my horses. Thank you Gigi for all the advice and knowledge you've given me throughout the years.

Cammy Kelly - GA



dalebowers_jump.jpgMy accomplishments and achievements have Gigi at their center. She has brought me to a whole new level not only in my riding but also in my understanding of the horse. I consider her a great horseman (excuse me, horsewoman) She embodies all that makes a person truly great in the world of horses. Firstly, her love for the horse is paramount. She exudes that love not only to the horse that she is riding but to her students as well. She helps you to become a team by showing you connection and understanding within yourself and your horse. Secondly, she can ride. I mean really ride! Finally, her truest gift: the ability to teach others. Few people in this world can truly teach. Gigi is a rare gem.

Gigi began by building a base of trust and understanding. Not only between myself and my horse but also between instructor and student. Then topped that with nurturing and listening. She will push but knows just how far. She will encourage with patience.

My goal is to understand horses as well as she does. I want to be able to get on any horse, and be able to truly ride that horse. I consider my greatest accomplishment to this point the ability to feel that I can really ride for the first time in my life. I can truly feel the horse for the first time. I no longer feel like I am just a passenger!

Gigi is truly an amazing person. She's tough but kind. She's strict but understanding. She makes you want to ride well all of the time just because you should and you can. She makes you feel that way just by being her.

Dale Bowers - GA

Owner - Point to Point Farm.



Gigi taught me everything I know about horses. I came to her as a timid young girl who was afraid to do everything.she made into the rider I am today.I was so honored to be her groom at horse shows. The best memories I have were those memories,sitting in the stands being so proud she was my trainer. If it wasnt for her I wouldnt have even gotten a horse. She talked my parents into buying Sancho for me. He was the best horse a girl could ask for. He was with me for 17 years. Nnow I have Deuce and if not for Sancho I wouldnt know how to bring Deuce along in dressage. She inadvertently was the influence on me meeting my husband as well. Through friends i met at the barn when I was kid introduced me to my husband who was freinds with one of their boyfreinds. Funny how things work out!

Heather Fisher - PA



I haven't been working with Gigi for very long, but I am amazed. I have a little 4 year old Lipizzan gelding. We've had to back track a bit since he was started early. She has us doing almost all lunge work, and we have recently started doing work on the long lines. I am astounded at what my little horse can do. she taught us how to vary our speed, give to the bit, extend, collect, and canter off the correct lead, go away or come back, and the hardest part, halt. ALL on the lunge! and mostly off my voice! After every lesson I have a huge smile on my face, and I think Maximus does too. I've been so proud of him after our lessons that I can't shut up about it! Yay Gigi!

Aubern Mason - GA